Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I Carried A Watermelon

I don't know how, but I somehow went 18 years and 8 months of my life without watching the best film known to man- Dirty Dancing. Like seriously, I went this long without seeing a very muscular Patrick Swayze grace my screen with that dancing and those eyes? All I can say is that I'm absolutely obsessed with this film. Now, I've consumed many 80s films in the past, one of my firm favourites being Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which also coincidentally stars Jennifer Grey) but I honestly couldn't even compare that to Dirty Dancing, it would be sinful. Seriously, I thought Ferris Bueller was cute, but then I met Johnny Castle and everything went from 0-100 real quick. So, amid this Dirty Dancing fascination, I ended up buying a few goodies, just like any decent Patrick Swayze fan would do. 

Naturally buying the DVD was the first step in achieving a worthy Dirty Dancing fan status, just so I can watch it religiously, obviously. I don't really buy DVDs that much these days, purely because (just like anyone else) I find it easier and cheaper to just watch films online or on Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix don't have Dirty Dancing (but they have Ghost so its not all bad) so I was fine with buying the physical copy; it can now sit in my beloved DVD drawer next to The Iron Lady and The Shawshank Redemption. 

A popular spot for filmgoers in Newcastle is Tyneside Cinema, based on their selection of indie and classic films. I saw that the cinema was showing Jaws as part of a summer screening, so I tweeted them asking if they would be playing Dirty Dancing anytime soon and as if by magic, they were showing the film within two weeks. Naturally I bought tickets and had the time of my life (not even sorry for that reference). Honestly though, if you ever have the opportunity to see your favourite film on the big screen then I couldn't recommend the experience enough; theres just something so special about being in a room full of people with the same thing in the common- you all share the same passion for one piece of cinema. I can happily say that I will be seeing Dirty Dancing next time it is shown on the big screen (I sound so confident, but who can possibly resist Johnny Castle busting some moves in Cuban heels?). 

The last things in this haul are my favourites. Firstly, I bought the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on vinyl. As long as I was obsessed with this film, buying the soundtrack on vinyl was inevitable. I don't know if its just because I'm in awe of the whole film, but its easily the best soundtrack I've ever heard. The album is an unreal combination of 60s and 80s romantic gems which make you want to get up and dance with each and every listen. Although this soundtrack only features the main songs from the film, if you're a Dirty Dancing fan, I would suggest looking up the "More Dirty Dancing" playlist on Spotify, as it includes every song from the film which isn't on the album, such as Big Girls Don't Cry and Love Man. Now I've saved the best until last. Yes thats right, I bought a t-shirt that says "Stay Swayze" on the front alongside a picture of the man himself. Do I even need to say anything more? All you need to know is that you can get the t-shirt from RedBubble and I totally haven't been wearing it to bed every night. 

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