Friday, 5 August 2016

Payday Treats

Hello everyone!I was going to do an introduction as my first post, but I've made an about page which you can read instead. In the meantime, I thought I'd do a small roundup of the treats I bought for myself this month. You're probably thinking that there isn't much there, but I have became a wise spender in comparison with when I first started working. When I was in Primark the other I picked up 8 things to try on; new me tried on all of the clothes and bought only one piece of clothing, whereas old me wouldn't have tried on anything but I would have bought them all. I think wisdom dog has taught me well. I wish I could spend the entirety of my wages on makeup and clothes, but unfortunately I have bills to pay, and I would probably class eating as one of my hobbies, so how else am I going to pay for numerous trips to Frankie and Benny's?

I originally went to MAC to purchase their fix plus spray, however every time I've visited MAC (different ones, too!) its always been out of stock, so I chose to opt for the Urban Decay all-night setting spray instead. I'm actually so glad I did this because I respect Urban Decay so much more as a brand; although I'm aware they aren't completely cruelty free as they are owned by L'Oreal, but they haven't got the same tarnished reputation as MAC. I've also found that every Urban Decay product I have used to this day been a quality product and has worked really well, such as the Naked Skin concealer (pictured above). I've only used this setting spray once since buying it, but so far so good! I think I might do a first impressions post on some Urban Decay products in the future as they're one of my favourite makeup brands.

My most recent trip resulted in me buying just three things- trust me, that is an achivement for me. I think Primark hauls will become more prevalent during autumn/winter since I live for those seasons, but whilst summer is still here I'm okay with spending under £20 in there. Apart from the powder blue shirt I got (pictured in the first image), I also picked up a couple of pieces from Gabby's (aka velvetgh0st) new stationary collection. I can't wait to use the notebook and the bits and bobs from the stationary accessory set during my gap year, but thats another post. You can check out Gabby's channel here along with her vlog channel!

The last thing I want to talk about in this post is this book I got from WH Smith. If you don't know me, then you won't know that one of my favourite things to talk about is politics. I'll explain this briefly: I'm taking a gap year as of September (meaning I'll be starting university in September 2017) since I had a complete change of heart about the course I wanted to do and also wasn't feeling jumping back into another three/four years of education straight away; I was originally planning on studying English language but at last minute felt that politics was where my heart truly lied. As a result, I'm reading up on politics as much as I possibly can before I start uni, so my bookshelf is naturally growing and growing each month. This book centrally focuses on the Labour Party, and although just from the subtitle ("did Labour change Britain?") I feel that its going to be a book full of Labour bashing, however as I was flicking through this book I saw that its full of statistics which will be most likely be useful at some point. Unfortunately I probably won't be reading this for a while as I already have 8 politics books to read. Help

If you've read this post then thank you very much, I really appreciate it!I've wanted to get back into blogging for a long time so knowing people are clicking and reading my content makes it even better. I have lots of upcoming posts planned, so if you want to stay up to date then just click my social media links in the sidebar so that you don't miss any posts!


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