Friday, 11 November 2016

The Most Gorgeous Prints

As the Christmas season is vastly approaching us, I decided it would the perfect time to give my bedroom a little bit of loving. Since I'm going to uni next September I have had to make the huge decision or whether or not I should get accommodation or stay at home. This isn't something that was an easy decision to make, however I can happily say that I want to stay at home. Originally I was pretty much set on moving out,but in all honesty my heart wasn't in it. After thinking about it for a long time, my head and my heart was in staying at home. I think although moving out for uni is the norm, you can only truly be happy when you do what you really want to do. 

As a result of this, I felt like sprucing up my room a little. I have brick wallpaper (I think this looks amazing and really transforms a room!), I'm saving for a new, bigger bed and I want to update small details. But one of the main things I wanted was some photo prints to stick above my bed. I already have quite a lot of photos in my bedroom, but you can never have too many memories on display, can you? However I didn't just want standard prints but prints in the style of a Polaroid. This is where I discovered LALALAB, a fun and cost-friendly way of printing photos.

In total I printed out 18 photos in the Polaroid style which I absolutely adore. I was so excited when they arrived in the post because I couldn't wait to see them in person. The prints themselves are so glossy and the colour of each picture is amazing!I just know they will look gorgeous on display. One of the best things about LALALAB is that you get an individual code which you can send to friends and each time somebody else uses it, you will get £5 to spend on the website/app! Another bonus is that within your parcel, you receive a scratchcard whereby you scratch away the surface revealing a code which you can then enter on the app, giving you a prize! I must warn you that once you make your first order, you will be absolutely addicted- I'll pretend I didn't just make an order for  a bunch of prints with motivational quotes on them... 

This post is not sponsored and all views are my own.

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