Sunday, 2 April 2017

My Recent Drugstore Makeup Finds

I'll admit that I've neglected drugstore makeup for a long time now. I used to buy it all the time, but the more beauty gurus I started watching on YouTube, the more I started buying higher end makeup. Don't get me wrong, Urban Decay and Anastasia are probably my two favourite brands as a whole, but when I buy a higher end item I almost feel pressured to like it? I spent £20 on the cult classic Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced, but honestly? I hardly reach for it. I think its probably because I've never gotten on well with masacara in general. but when I first got it I wore it all the time because spending that much on a mascara and not wearing it would have felt like a waste.

I went into Superdrug a few days ago- I didn't spend that much, but I managed to get my hands on six products for the same price it would cost for one higher end item. I forgot how great it is walking out of Boots/Superdrug with a bag full of affordable goodies! I'm going to go into some detail about what products I bought and what my first impressions are. 


I'll admit that I have never used a colour corrector before, although I have admired them from afar, but I always felt too scared to use them. In a realization that makeup is supposed to be played with and enjoyed, I decided to go for it and experiment with a colour corrector. I chose to buy green as it counteracts redness- I don't have a huge amount of redness on my face, however I noticed such a difference by using this. The colour corrector is slightly intimidating when its on your face in all of it's green glory, but once it is blended out you'll be glad you used it! I found this so easy to blend out, and once my foundation and concealer was applied on top, it didn't even cake up, which is something I was worried about. This product has become a staple for me when I do a full face- I completely recommend it! You can buy the Barry M Colour Correcting Wand here, as well as two other shades in purple and yellow- purple to brighten skin and yellow to eradicate dark circles. 


Okay this one is not a recent find, as I stumbled upon these well over a year ago when one of my good friends gave me one for my birthday, so these are actually repurchases! I have these liquid lipsticks in the shades harmony and tranquility, and I find the colour payoff absolutely amazing; they dry very opaque, so there is no need for layering the product on. When it comes to eating, I find these come off quite easily, but I guess that is expected, and there is no harm taking two seconds to reapply. The shade harmony is the lighter of the two pictured, and it comes up very light on pale skin, but I find this is a gorgeous look, especially on a night out paired with full glam. You can pick up these liquid lipsticks from Superdrug for a mere £3- yes, £3! 


I won't lie here- I only bought this lipstick because of the name. You may be wondering why on earth I bought a lipstick with a name like that- let me explain! I have previously purchased a palette from Makeup Revolution called Girl Panic, which is one of my favourite songs by my favourite band, Duran Duran. The shades in the palette are all named after lyrics in the song, which made me fan girl so much inside (and outside) when I discovered it. They also have a palette named Girls On Film, after another famous Duran Duran song. To cut a long story short, The Chauffeur has always been my favourite Duran Duran song, and since Makeup Revolution have released music related products before I was like YASSSS a Duran Duran lipstick. The lipstick itself is the perfect nude, especially for pale skin, and it has incredible staying power. If Duran Duran were a lipstick, this would be it- classic and sophisticated. Another super affordable product, you can buy it here for just £3- the magic price it seems!


If there is one product that never disappoints me from the drugstore, it is highlighter. I can honestly say that I love every single highlighter that I've ever purchased- I don't really own any higher end ones, but I've never felt the need. I can't comment much on this palette as I've only used it once, but obviously it was a good once. This palette features 3 beautifully pigmented yet subtle highlights, each suitable for different skin tones. The middle shade is a pearly pink shade, which is the one I used- I found this looked gorgeous as I was also wearing a pink t-shirt, so it complimented it really nicely. This palette comes in as the most "expensive" on this list, but it is still super affordable. If you don't like the look of this palette, then I recommend checking out some of Makeup Revolution's other highlights- they have something for everyone on their website! You can find the Beyond Radiance palette here for just £8.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of drugstore finds! I'm really getting back into makeup again at the minute, so feel free to leave drugstore product suggestions in the comments below- I'd love to discover some more!

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