Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My Brow Evolution and Current Routine

When it comes to my makeup routine, I always spend a lot of time on my brows. I'm a big believer in the fact that brows frame the face, therefore you should really invest in them. You don't necessarily need to invest money in them if you don't want to, but be sure to put time into them!

Sometimes I look back on pictures of my brows and I just think to myself...why? WHY? It took me a long time to get to where my brows are now, thats for sure. I think my first ever brow product was a Sleek brow kit, which included a powder or wax, both of which I applied way too much of. Although by this stage of my life, my brows were pretty full (I have learned the tragic lesson of plucking your own eyebrows..) so at least I had something more to work with than before.

In 2015 my brows really started to evolve as I began experimenting with different products. At one point I used a combo of powder/pencil, which I thought looked flawless at the time, although looking back I again left wondering why? Why did I think starting to draw my brow way too far from where the hairs actually began was a good look? I honestly looked like I had half a triangle at the front of my brow. 

After that I really decided to up my brow game. In 2016 I started using brow pomades, which are a total game changer. My first brow pomade was from Freedom Makeup in the shade dark brown- the description wasn't lying, it was most definitely dark! Of course, a lot of people genuinely suit the dark brow/ light hair trend, but at the time I wasn't really digging it. I then purchased the NYX brow pomade in the shade blonde. By this time I had fully grown my brows, and they honestly looked amazing with this pomade as it matched my hair perfectly. My only concern about the NYX pomade was how dry it got over time. After a couple of months, it got so dry that I couldn't use it anymore, as my brush wouldn't move around in it. However, it was really cheap, so repurchasing it every couple of months wouldn't be a problem.

(L-R) Nice full brows before I decided that I wanted arched brows like Kylie Jenner (note: it didn't work), just starting to use makeup properly and attempting to achieve an Instagram ombre brow with some powder and wax, really starting to experiment with makeup at this point but unfortunately my brow pomade was about five shades too dark...

(L-R) I'll be honest and say I love my whole Sandy from Grease aesthetic in this picture- as you can see I definitely learned to blend the pomade!, using the blonde brow pomade from NYX- a gorgeous colour match but my brows were still growing back, the best my brows have ever looked- I used the NYX pomade again but by this point my brows had fully grown back which acted as the perfect canvas 


There are 3 tools I consider important and necessary for both doing my brows and keeping them in shape. An angled brush and spoolie, tweezers and nail scissors. In terms of keeping my brows in shape, I am currently loving a natural looking brow. I no longer try and pluck an arch, but instead just let my brows do their own thing and grow. The only time I use tweezers is to pluck stray hair around the brow, but I never try and change the shape of them. Nail scissors are such a brilliant tool for maintaining the length of brow hairs; I usually like to use my spoolie to pull my brows hairs and then trim them with the nail scissors. I don't trim my brows as much now, however I would completely recommend it if you're a pomade user.


Like I said previously, I'm into a more natural look lately. If I'm on a night out, or wearing full glam, then I will use the products that I'm about to mention, plus ABH Dipbrow Pomade- this is the perfect pomade and without a doubt worth the money- you'll never find a formula more perfect! It is so creamy and blendable, plus it lasts forever. 

On a day-to-day basis, I have three current favourite products which I've incorporated into my brow routine: Soap and Glory Brow Archery (in the shade Brownie Points), an ashy brown shade from the Morphe 35P palette and NYX Tinted Brow Mascara. I find all three of these products give me a gorgeous and natural brow look- not only this, but it now takes me about two minutes to do my brows instead of twenty...


I start off my brow routine by brushing them out with the spoolie included with Brow Archery; I find this is a crucial step as it can actually make your brows look bigger than they are- a definite for fluffy brows! I then go in with the pencil side of Brow Archery and draw a faint line on the bottom of my brow, starting from the end and working my way to the front. I still like to go for the ombre look, so I make sure to have a very light hand when working on the front end of my brows. I also use the pencil to draw a line around the top of my brows, however I only do this half-way and to end; like I said, I like to maintain the ombre yet natural look, so its important not to be too heavy with the product.

When I'm done creating the shape of my brows, I like the go in with a shade from my Morphe 35P palette (none of the Morphe shades have names, but its pretty clear that its the shade I've hit pan on!). I love using this shadow on my brows as it is the perfect colour to match my hair- its cool-toned and ashy. I have found that actual brow kits are generally warm-toned, so if you're a cool-toned gal, then consider digging out some of your eyeshadow palettes as you might just find the perfect brow shade. I use an angled brow brush to gently fill in my brows, as well as flicking out the tails.

My final step is to use my NYX brow gel. Using a brow gel is great way of making sure your brows stay put all day long! It can also make them look nice and fluffy as you are brushing them out more, whilst sticking them in place.

Yep, it really is that simple to do my brows. Obviously it depends on the occasion, but most of the time I actually prefer doing them this way, as its so much quicker. I hope you enjoyed laughing with me at my eyebrow revolution! Whats your most embarrassing brow era?


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