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Testing W7 Makeup

Lately I've really been wanting to venture out with the makeup I use. I want to try a vast range of products and experiment with them- this includes trying out different brands. I've been wanting to try W7 makeup for the longest time; its a brand that was launched in 2002 and it's aim is to give everybody access to "an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price". I completely agree with this, as everyone, no matter what background they come from, should have the opportunity to play around with makeup and enhance their natural beauty. 

W7 have definitely fulfilled their aim of making their products affordable- I acquired mine from a few different places, whereby they were all super cheap! The first place I picked up a few W7 products was from a shop in Newcastle called Xtras; yes, they do sell plenty of questionable hen do accessories (take a look for yourself...), but they are also a brilliant supplier of cheap, quality cosmetics, including W7 and Technic. Another place I found a lot of their items was on Amazon- I don't think any of the W7 products are more than £5 each, so even though you can't swatch them if you buy them online, its not really a loss at a couple of pounds for each product. The last place I visited was a shop called Beauty Outlet- I seriously recommend going here if there is one nearby! They stock W7 (as well as other cheaper brands), Real Techniques and Stila- yes, Stila! I managed to pick up a Stila palette for £10, so I'll definitely be doing a review of that soon. 

I managed to get near enough a full face of makeup, so here is everything I bought and my thoughts on it all... 


For primer, I picked up the W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready primer. As you can tell just by looking at the product, it is a dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, which I use pretty much every time I wear makeup. I really couldn't see any difference between both products. My W7 foundation didn't apply well, but I feel that was more to do with the formula of the foundation over the primer. I did try this primer again, but instead with a NYX foundation; unfortunately my skin had a reaction, and it completely dried it out for around a week. I'm not sure if it was the primer or foundation which caused the reaction, or a combination of them both, but because of this I won't be using this primer again, just in case! 

The W7 Photo Shoot foundation is the product that I was most excited to test out- after all, it has been compared to Estée Lauder Double-Wear (my current favourite foundation!).  I actually like the packaging of this foundation; although I only paid around £3 for it, the frosted glass bottle makes it feel more expensive. Like Double-Wear, this foundation doesn't come with a pump, so you need to be extremely careful when pouring it out so that you don't spill it everywhere (definitely didn't do that...). I had really high expectations for this product, however it just didn't do anything for me. Although I purchased the lightest shade, as soon as I applied it to my face I was orange. I'm not even exaggerating, my face literally turned orange! Not only was the colour match completely wrong, but I found it dried really quickly which made it hard to blend, as well as making the overall look patchy. I just didn't get along with this foundation, however don't totally discredit my opinion, especially if you are tanned/ have a darker skin tone, as this may work for you! For £3 its worth a try, and you won't be disheartened if it doesn't work. 


The W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow duo is something you can't go wrong with! Believe it or not, but this is another dupe, this time for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow duo. Unfortunately I haven't tried the CT one (although I do lust for it every time I pass the counter in Fenwicks...), however you can tell just by looking online that the shades are similar. As this is a dupe for CT, it is sorted more towards light-medium skin tones. I tried all of the W7 makeup mentioned in this post in one sitting, so I have to say the bronzer didn't show up too well on my skin as it was orange from the foundation, but I'm going to give this another try when wearing my Estée Lauder foundation. As for the highlight, I will definitely be using this in the summer. I prefer pearly/champagney highlighters as golden ones look like I have a huge line on my cheekbones, but I found that this one blends in really nicely and is subtle enough to suit paler skin tones. The pigment isn't too intense, which is great if you prefer a natural highlight, but if like me you like to blind with your highlight then simply spray some Mac Fix Plus on your brush and prepare to intensify! 

I've been loving liquid highlighter at the moment, so I had to pick up the W7 Night Glow highlighter. I wasn't a huge fan of this product as it dried super quick, so if you are dotting it on your cheekbones you need blend as quick as you can! That being said, it still gave a pretty and subtle glow. I probably won't use this above my cheekbones often because, as mentioned, I like to have a blinding highlight, even if I am doing a natural makeup look. However, I loved this product for highlighting my brow bone as it looked way more natural than a powder highlight- this is the one place I like to have a soft glow! 


For eyeshadow, I opted for the W7 Naughty Nine palette in the colour Mid-Summer Nights. I was drawn to this particular palette because it reminded me so much of the Mac Burgundy Times Nine palette, plus I love anything burgundy. I didn't think the shadows were super pigmented (apart from the shimmers, but most shimmer shadows just need some Fix Plus if you're feeling extra), but I won't complain considering the palette was under £5. I used two of the lighter matte shades to initially begin my eye look- they blended like a dream, and better than my beloved Makeup Geek shadows! My only issue was with the middle shade, which I used as a crease colour, Despite being a gorgeous colour and only applying a tiny amount, this didn't blend out well at all, and ruined the eye look as it just wouldn't blend. I'm definitely going to be using this palette again, but I'll be staying away from the middle shadow!

I also picked up the W7 Eye Dream Cream Shadow in the shade Gilded Cage. I originally wanted one of the Stila cream eyeshadows after seeing it in a makeup tutorial used by Tina Halada, but it was sold out in the shade I wanted. I couldn't believe my luck when I found a cream eyeshadow for a fraction of the price in such a similar colour- I just had to get it! Gilded Cage is a gorgeous champagne colour with a hint of gold in it. This product is incredibly creamy and is so pigmented; the only downside I found to this is that it stung my eyelids when I first applied it. Despite this, I'll definitely be using this again as I think it'll look gorgeous used on a cut crease. 

I'm not a massive mascara fan- never have been, and I don't think I ever will be. However, I thought I may as well grab a mascara since it was only a couple of pounds. I opted for the W7 Absolute Lashes mascara, as this is a known dupe for Benefit's They're Real. As far as mascaras go, I would say this is worth the incredibly low price tag. I found that this mascara lengthened my lashes, it didn't budge after a gym session (so it seems to be waterproof- or sweat proof!) and it was easy to get off at the end of the day. The only problem I really had was that it didn't hold the curl very well: my lashes are naturally quite straight, and its the reason I tend to stay away from mascaras as they never work too well for me; I have to make an effort to curl my lashes when wearing makeup, but after an hour or two my lashes were straight again. If you have naturally curly and beautiful lashes then I would completely recommend trying this, especially since its so cheap! 


The lip product I chose was another disappointing one. I bought the W7 Skinny Lipping liquid lipstick in the shade Arty, a seemingly promising looking nude with orange undertones. The reason this product was a let down for me is because it is described as a matte liquid lipstick, but it never seemed to dry completely. It did dry somewhat a while after application, but it just looked more like a lip-gloss gone wrong rather than a liquid lipstick. 

I think W7 is very much a hit and miss brand. Some products are incredible- some are not. This doesn't mean you should disregard the brand, as testing out different products is one of the most exciting parts about makeup! I'm hoping to do more posts which involve testing out a range of beauty brands. Do you have any favourite W7 products? 

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  1. Really enjoyed this post! I've always seen W7 makeup everywhere but never really thought to try it out and this post makes me really want to try out the bronzer and highlight palette!


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