Monday, 7 August 2017

Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary Screening at Tyneside Cinema

Hey, hi, hello, its me, your local Dirty Dancing fan. I can't believe that this time last year was the first time I'd ever seen the best film to ever grace our screens (up for debate, apparently...)- Dirty Dancing. Ah yes, that film. The only film I talk about, the only film I care about. I'm sure we can all agree that this film has everything: a summer romance, a banging soundtrack and Patrick Swayze topless. That is pretty much my check list for a decent film. Yes, it restricts my viewing, but here I am, content with watching Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse for all of eternity. 

Now that we've gathered that I like/love/worship/literally live for Dirty Dancing, let me tell you how I spent my Friday night.

So me and my best friend, Bethany, went along to the 30th anniversary screening of Dirty Dancing at Tyneside Cinema, and not to be a cliche or anything, but we literally had the time of our lives. It is an unbelievable feeling being able to bond with so many people over a film that is so close to your heart. The night was filled with singing, dancing and swooning over Swayze- the perfect night! 

The bar had two Dirty Dancing themed cocktails on offer; 'Thyme' of your life and Baby bellini. I opted for the Baby bellini, which is strange considering I really can't stand prosecco! I was expecting the drink to be more peach than prosecco,but it wasn't- 'thyme' of your life was definitely the nicer out of the two.

Obviously the best part of the night was the film, that is what we were all there for. It was just amazing. Everyone sang along to every single song, screamed with excitement any time Patrick Swayze was on screen and booed when Robbie came on. We were all united over this 30 year old film which, upon production, was predicted to be a complete flop. But here we are, old and new generations, 30 years on, singing and dancing to the film that makes us happy.

When the iconic Time of My Life scene came on, nobody hesitated to get out of their seats and attempt a Johnny and Baby and do the lift. It was such a pure moment, everyone living in the moment and dancing to such a feel-good song. I mean, I dance and sing to this song most days, but it was nice knowing that I'm not the only one who loves this film with all of my heart. 

Once the film finished, we headed over to the bar where we were given a free watermelon cocktail, 'cause, you know, I carried a watermelon. I also carried a denim jacket, an empty tub of popcorn and a coin purse, but that doesn't sound as good, does it?

The watermelon cocktail was delicious, and it was finished promptly. There was an 80s after party and oh my god, do I even have any words? When I go out I generally don't dance, because I don't really like the music, but finally it was my time. We danced to David Bowie, Duran Duran, Roxy Music... the best of the best. Me and Bethany stayed until the very end, because when you have the opportunity to dance to 80s music, you take it. 

As I write this post, my feet are still hurting since I never took my heels off all night, but it was so worth it and I'd do it all again.


  1. Omg, sounds like you had an amazing evening. I'm only a tiiiiny bit envious of you... Dirty Dancing is such a great movie!! xxx

    Emma //

    1. It was amazing, would do it all over again! Thank you for the lovely comment xxx


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